Dear People’s people,

When I was a child, I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure series of books. In these books, every few pages, you were faced with a choice. Do you turn left or right at the crossroads? Do you try to talk to the scary monster or run and hide? When you made a choice, you would turn to the page specified to see what happens and, after a few pages, face another choice. (Or, if you were me, you’d look for the ending you want and then reverse engineer all the choices it would take to end up there.)

Sometimes we get to choose our own adventure and sometimes our choices are made for us. As we face December still unable to safely worship all together indoors (though with the advent of vaccinations for younger children, I hope that our COVIDActNow score might drop before too long and allow us more people in the building), there will be a few worship services ahead that will offer you the chance to choose your own adventure. Do you want to gather with others for an in-person, outdoor service or be on Zoom? Either way, we will meet your need. We are offering this opportunity to choose the worship experience that is best for you on December 19 and Christmas Eve. Please see the service descriptions for more details.

For me—and perhaps for you—there is something demoralizing about entering our second pandemic Christmas/Solstice/Yule season. I am sad that we won’t be singing ‘Peace, Peace / Silent Night’ and passing candles indoors on December 24. While most of us who are eligible are vaccinated, we are still navigating risk with a necessary, but exhausting, vigilance. I hope that even in the midst of the challenges of this moment you are able to find joy in the music, foods, and other traditions that are available and accessible to you this year.

Take good care,
Rev. Rachel

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