Dear People’s people,

Every week in the service, we give thanks for all that sustains us. We say, ‘From the countless gifts we each have been given, gifts of life and love and sustenance, we bring these small portions to share in the works of love which none of us can accomplish alone.’

This sharing is what makes People’s Church possible. Thank you—and let’s continue. This is the season when we start looking ahead to the next fiscal year, which begins in July. Those of you who pay close attention to our stewardship campaigns will notice a few things. This year, our stewardship campaign is earlier and shorter. We moved it earlier by a few weeks in hopes of making the budget building process less frantic. The campaign begins on March 1. After noticing that most people complete their pledge forms at the beginning and end of the pledge campaign, we decided to cut out one of the middle weeks. The campaign will end on March 15 with a celebration of our 50th anniversary in our current location. The other aspects of our stewardship efforts will feel much the same as last year.

The mission of People’s Church is to be ‘a beloved community embracing and serving our diverse world.’ For this reason, the stewardship committee chose Growing Beloved Community as our focus for this year. Your generosity will determine how our community grows over the coming year. Over the next few weeks, I invite you to consider the commitments you will make to People’s Church in the coming year. What can you contribute financially? What skills can you share? What time can you devote to the works of love which none of us can accomplish alone?

All we do and all we are together is made possible by your generosity. Thank you.

You can expect to hear more about our stewardship campaign during the service on March 1, as well as in emails (from mailings, texts (from 269-215-4336), and at the stewardship table in the foyer after services.
If you have a question about stewardship and generosity at People’s Church, please reach out to me or any member of our stewardship committee—Barb Davis, Bob Davis, Steven Dibble (chair), Megan Reynolds, and John Steele.

Thank you for your generosity—and see you in church,


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