Dear People’s people,

I mentioned in a recent sermon that our Transgender Inclusion in Congregations class has been a source of learning, reflection, and spiritual and personal growth for me over the last several months. The course consists of six video lectures by Zr. Alex Kapitan and Rev. Mychal Slack, trans UU religious professionals and co-founders of the Transforming Hearts Collective. They speak about Beloved Community, gender identity, creating culture shift, and more. I’ve thought critically about my own gender, engaged in theological reflection on hospitality, looked closely at the culture of People’s Church, and have begun to ask questions about how we might need to change in order to fully live our vision of being ‘a diverse and inclusive loving community.’

I’d like to invite any of you with interest and an internet connection to engage with the video lectures that are the core of the class. Each lecture also includes links to articles, videos, and other useful resources if you want to learn even more.
Here is how you can access the course for free:

  • Visit
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page (the $600 option should be crossed out and say FREE)
  • Click the “Enroll in Course” button
  • Fill out the enrollment form and click “Sign Up”
  • If this does not work, visit, click on ‘our offerings,’ then ‘online classes,’ then ‘transgender inclusion in congregations,’ then ‘enroll.’ Then check the $600 group option, click enroll, and then on the next page click ‘add coupon,’ type PEOPLESCHURCH and click ‘apply.’

If you need help accessing the course, let me know and I will be happy to provide tech support.

People’s Church has purchased this class for our church community. Please do not share this resource with people beyond our congregation. Instead, share what you are learning with others and encourage them to purchase their own access to support the good and important work of the Transforming Hearts Collective.

See you in church,
Rev. Rachel

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