Dear People’s people,

At the end of this month, Sue Glenn is stepping down from her role as treasurer. She has served ably in this role for three years. She has brought to the church best practices from her career as an accountant and helped us keep better track of all the ways the church receives and spends money. Thank you, Sue!

When a staff member (or volunteer staff member) departs, it is a good time to re-think how things are done. When Sue stepped down as treasurer, we were surprised. There was no one waiting in the wings to take her place. We thought we would likely have to hire a part-time bookkeeper to take on some of the roles that Sue and other volunteers had previously done. (Those of you who attended the budget briefing a few weeks ago heard me speak about this possibility.)

Allan Hunt has offered to serve as the treasurer for the next year. The board and I have gratefully accepted. Allan served as treasurer for a decade before Sue assumed the role. Over the next year, your leaders and I will be exploring and deciding how we might need to increase or adjust our administrative staffing to meet the needs of this increasingly complex organization. We will be exploring a number of possibilities over the next few months and have a recommendation to the board for inclusion in the budget for the next fiscal year. In this time of uncertainty in this realm of our congregational life, there are a few things I know for sure.

People’s Church has amazing volunteers. You all do so much to support the good and important work of the church. I know of no other church our size that has so many capable volunteers managing its financial affairs. I am especially grateful to Sue, Allan, Barb Davis, Mary Carroll, John Steele, and finance committee members for their dedicated service.

We probably can’t rely on volunteers as much going forward. Many of the volunteers I just named want to step back their involvement. I’ve asked a few people to step forward into these roles and they have declined. (If you are someone with a brain for numbers who might be interested in helping the church manage our financial life, please reach out to me.)

This year, we will be looking closely at our administration and imagining what might be the best way forward. Chris Schleuder, our office administrator, and Dana Kubinski, our database manager, have both been in their roles for over a decade. In that time, a variety of responsibilities have been added to their job descriptions. Do they need to do everything they’ve been doing? Are there tasks that volunteers should be doing? Are there tasks that we can stop doing? We will be exploring and answering these and related questions in the coming months.

There are many possibilities ahead. I will keep you all updated as we explore what is our best next step to make sure funds are handled responsibly, communication, is efficient, and our administrative staffing (whether paid or volunteer) meet our changing needs. In the meantime, I hope you will join me in expressing your gratitude to Sue Glenn and Allan Hunt for their dedicated service to the church.

See you in church,

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