Dear People’s people,

First, I know many are eagerly awaiting the results of the Widening Our Welcome Survey. I am. At press time, we have not yet compiled the surveys. We will have results to share in January.

In August, a few dozen People’s people gathered for a ‘Crafting a Worship Mission’ workshop. Julica Hermann de la Fuente and Glen Thomas Rideout guided us as we thought about who we are, what is holy, what happens when we gather together on Sunday mornings in The Commons, and how that is connected to the mission of our church. It was an inspiring afternoon with so many speaking their hopes for our Sunday services.

In the months since that workshop, a small team and I have been working to transform the many great ideas shared into a worship mission, which will guide me, our musicians, our Sunday services committee, and everyone else involved in creating worship at People’s Church. We have our first draft. It is:

In search of the Beloved Community, we join together, combining our wisdom and resources, to honor our deeper connections to one another and celebrate the journeys of our lives. We create relevant multisensory worship that inspires and empowers transformation into our best selves. We challenge one another to offer love, justice, and compassion to ourselves, our relationships, our communities, and the world.

Does this sound like a church service you would like to attend? Does this have that balance of authenticity and aspiration possessed by good mission statements? To those of you who were with us in August, does this feel reflective of that time together?

We will be discussing these questions and receiving other feedback about this draft worship mission on Sunday, December 9 at 12:15pm in Room 19. Of course, if it is not possible for you to attend that day, please send your thoughts about the mission to me directly or schedule a time to talk. I love having conversations about Sunday services.

See you in church,


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