Rachel LonbergDear Ones,

First, I want to let you know that I now have a local cell phone number. It’s (269) 389-9721. The (206) number that I shared with you earlier will also still reach me.

Second, I want to share with you a letter of agreement that Rev. Jill McAllister, the minister emerita of People’s Church, and I drafted together. The board has approved it as well. It is standard practice for ministers to write letters of agreement like these to describe their relationships with one another and with congregations. Here is the full text:

Letter of Agreement Between
Jill K. McAllister, Minister Emerita;
Rachel Lonberg, Minister;
And the Board of Trustees of People’s Church
October 2015


At People’s Church, the position of Minister Emerita was established in May 2015, by a vote of the congregation. The title and position were given to Jill McAllister as an honorary courtesy, in recognition of her contributions to People’s Church over her long and successful ministry.

The role of a Minister Emerita varies from congregation to congregation, and from minister to minister. This letter outlines the current agreement as to the role of Minister Emerita between Jill McAllister, the current minister Rachel Lonberg, and the Board of Trustees of People’s Church.

Having been granted the privilege of the pulpit once a year by the Congregational Resolution, the Minister Emerita is willing to be called by the Minister for one Sunday Service each church year, on a Sunday agreed to by both, at the discretion of the Minister. This service shall be planned in consultation with the Sunday Services and Music committees and the Minister. The Minister Emerita shall have no other functions as Minister Emerita except by invitation from the Minister. The Minister Emerita shall be willing to consult with and assist the Minister upon her request, as distance allows.

The Minister Emerita shall play no role in church governance, direct or indirect. She may participate, if able and willing, and is requested to do so, in special church projects and events.

Should the Minister Emerita be contacted by any pre-2015 member for pastoral care or a memorial service, wedding or other special event, the Minister Emerita shall refer the party to the Minister, and shall also contact the Minister directly.

Any publications listing the church staff shall include the name of the Minister Emerita.

Any changes to this agreement require consultation with and approval of the Minister, the Board of Trustees, and the Minister Emerita of People’s Church. This agreement will be reviewed and renewed every three years.


See you in church,

Rev. Rachel


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