What Is in the Box?!?

One building block in the north wall of the foyer is different; it has the number 1969 carved into it. That reminds us that it’s 50 years since we started building our building. I got to thinking that there must be a time capsule in there. I asked some members who have been in the church even longer than I have. The story I heard is that, yes, Roger Greeley, the minister then, prepared a time capsule on his own, without telling anyone else what he put in it, and walled it up himself.

The Building and Grounds work crew discussed retrieving the time capsule. It was decided that Gary Heckman and I would investigate. The back side of the building block is accessible from the library work room. We soon found that the concrete that Roger used is much harder that the concrete in the blocks. That’s typical of Roger, he couldn’t just use a piece of dry wall. It wasn’t long before Gary broke out his power tools. When curious guys get started with power tools, there is no stopping them. After about an hour of drilling and hammering, we retrieved a steel box about the size and shape of a shoe box.

We showed the box to Rachel. We were all keen to open the box to see what Roger had left us. But it was decided that the sharing of the box should be part of a ceremony celebrating 50 years in our building. A birthday party, complete with cake, was planned for March 15, 2020.

Then, coronavirus hit. The steel box remains on a shelf in Rachel’s office, still sealed, exciting curiosity, waiting for all of us to gather again in person! Perhaps, after the ceremony, we’ll repack it and wall it up again. Maybe we’ll include a face mask.

Steve Ferguson,
Board President

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