white elephantThank you and congratulations to everyone for a wonderfully successful and delightful Bazaar. The overall profits, after paying the vendors their portion, were approximately $13,000. We have expenses for our pasty supplies, promotional costs, and a few miscellaneous things that will bring us to a net result about $12,000 to support our church program.

As important as this is to our budget, there are many other outcomes to celebrate. Hopefully, you developed several new relationships in the course of your volunteer roles with people you had not previously known—which strengthens and builds our church community. And you probably dusted off some old skill or recipe or unused muscles, or passed along treasures from your home, and that is good, too. We provided a venue for 32 wonderful local artists to advance their work. They appreciate our show and our friendly people. And many new people came through our doors, despite the weather!

Reverend Rachel tried to do a quick mental tally of all who contributed to this effort and decided to round it off at 200. This included people of all ages in so many roles: Café workers, servers, sellers and food contributors; White Elephant markers, arrangers, sellers and contributors; People’s Specialties bakers, entrée makers, jam makers, handmade giftable item makers, arrangers, markers and sellers; Talliers and cashiers; Greens organizers and sellers; Greeters; Set up he-persons and Cleanup crews; and the Pasty Master and weekend crews…and no doubt others, too.

If we can manage to do it again, next year will be our 15th year! I’m in, if you’re in. Might as well make it our best. It is doing this together that makes it fun and makes it possible. Please email me if you would like to be part of a small planning group to do a little advance planning and see how we might step it up another notch for next year— and then I’ll retire : )

Gratefully yours,
Rochelle Habeck Hunt

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