Facing Life, Facing Death, is a monthly gathering and discussion group, which began several years ago as a response to questions and concerns about many issues associated with death and dying, loss, grief, care-giving, etc.

During these past few years we have read books on the topics listed above, discussed planning for illness, death and loss, remembered and shared deaths and losses in our lives, talked about our own fears and our sources of inspiration and strength. We have discovered that there are always things to talk about.

Each month is different, depending upon who comes. Some people come very regularly – others come once or a few times. We always begin with introductions and a check-in – each person spends a few minutes (2-4) telling us what they bring with them today, such as a question, an event you are facing, what grief looks like for you at the moment, a topic you want to know more about, etc.

We meet the second Monday of each month from noon until 1:00pm. If you would like more information please email Dana Kubinski at dbmchurch@peopleschurch.net or call the church (269) 375-3262.

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