Higher Grounds CoffeeCoffee is on sale again in the foyer after the Sunday service.

Want an easy way to help you live your values? Make sure you buy and drink fair trade, organic, shade grown coffee. The coffee we sell and serve after the service on Sundays is from Higher Grounds, a Michigan company that buys its beans from small farmer cooperatives thus helping them get a fair price for their labor. These organic beans are grown pesticide-free thus protecting both the laborers, the soil and you. They are also shade grown which provides shelter for migrating birds and ensures biodiversity. Such an easy way to practice our seventh principle. We sell both ground and whole bean in French Roast (a very dark roast blend), Sumatran Goya (a dark roast), Guatemalan (a medium roast) and Gran’s Blend (half decaf blend) all for $10 for a 12 oz bag. We also have Decaf Honduran ground in a medium roast and whole bean in a dark roast for $11 a bag. A dollar from every bag sold goes to the church. If you like another kind of Higher Grounds coffee, let us know. We can order it for you at this price.

Whether you buy it from us or some other place, drink your values every day!

 Where’s the chocolate? We will have it the end of October when it is cool enough to ship with out expensive special packaging to protect it from melting. Watch for further news. And if you have a favorite kind, let us know!


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