Anchoring Yourself in Times of Stress: Special Help for the Helpers
An Invitation to the Energy Well

Pond Scum.
That’s what your energy is like when it’s loaded down with grief, depression, fear and anger.  Dip a cup through that mess and the water isn’t fit to drink.  Now look deep beneath the surface, and there is a boundless spring of clean, life-giving water. That pure energy is what we call the energetic True Self, and it is there, beneath your exhaustion, beneath your discouragement, beneath your trauma and pain. And you can learn to tap that well and bring it’s clarity back into your life.

The World simply “IS.” Sometimes it conforms to our hopes, sometimes it violates them at such a fundamental level that we are at risk of losing ourselves completely. Helpers (moms, nurses, social workers, social justice warriors, teachers) often become as depleted as those they struggle to help. Worse, we leave our jobs loaded down with fear and anger, and we bring that home to our loved ones.

We feel empty because – energetically – we are.
We feel despair because – energetically – we have lost connection to our Life Force.
We feel lost because – energetically – we’ve lost our moorings in a world become strange.

Yet energy is a tangible force around and through our body, and it’s within our control to change the way it “is”. We do it all of the time without realizing it.

Come to the Energy Well. Spend an hour on Friday evenings letting go of your week. Experience/remember what clear energy feels like, and learn how to bring that calm strength into your own body whenever you choose.

People’s Church, 1758 N 10th St, Room 9, Kalamazoo, MI 49009  6:30-7:30 PM.  Free.

Contact: Lynetta Carnes at (415) 336-3548 or with questions or to register.

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