11/5:  “The Trump Supporter”  Through most of this general presidential campaign, more white voters in this country have expressed support for Trump than for Clinton. Our group tries to be open to various perspectives and yet, frankly, this a fact that astounds many of us who regularly attend.  All participants are invited to find and share (concise, directly relevant) popular articles which might help us understand who Trump supporters are (demographics, etc.) and what has been motivating them.  Perhaps most importantly, is there any common ground for the future, especially in light of Trump’s increasingly vociferous promotion of alienation, suspicion.. revolution?

11/19:  No meeting today due to Holiday Bazaar.

The discussion group meets most 1st & 3rd Saturdays of each month, 10:00 – 12:00, in Room 6/7, during the church year.  Topics are chosen by participants, with input from the group.  We take turns bringing treats; bring your own drink.

To be added to the email list, to receive readings distributed in advance, contact Pat Nelson (patnelson@btc-bci.com)

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