LiberiaPeople’s Church member, Rick Johnson, visited Liberia this summer and traveled throughout the country visiting students from his Peace Corps days in the 1960s.  Rick is pictured here with Jackson Willie, a Liberian friend who is starting up

a much-needed school for deaf Liberian children.  He is standing with one of 36 children from his hometown of Buchanan who are totally deaf and do not speak.  Jackson has been given classroom space by a local church, but he needs money to employ teachers, feed the students and buy school supplies.   Several years ago, while a refugee in Ghana, Jackson taught himself sign language and started a successful school for the deaf kids living at the refugee camp.  Now that he’s home, he wants to do the same in Liberia.  He receives just a little help from grateful parents and the local church.  Otherwise, Jackson is alone with this good idea.   If you would like to offer help or sponsor a student, please contact Rick Johnson for more information (657-3460).

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