How much of your life is influenced by the environment in which you live? How much of your own perception is influenced by the people and attitudes around you? How does one small change grow and spread until it overtakes the hegemony?

Come and join us in mulling over these brain-teasers and playing some games involving “brain-eaters”. The conference will be hosted by People’s Church, and will be staffed by the UU Young Adult Steering Committee. We invite anyone ages 18-35 to come together, Sept. 13th–15th, for a weekend of open community, raucous conviviality, and transcendental contemplation!

Attendance for this event is $25-$45 on a sliding scale. This is used to provide meals and facilities all weekend and is to be paid to our Registrar upon arrival, either with check or cash. The event begins at 6:00p.m. on Friday.

Please register using this link:

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