The committee has been working since July, 2019 on reviewing and revising the constitution bylaw document of People’s Church. The process has been thorough.  As we stated in a February newsletter article, proposed edits have been based on our Mission and Vision statements, as well as current practices.  Completion of the first review has not been completed by our committee, however we are happy to report we are getting close.

Our plan, as presented in the February newsletter, is to present specific topics of the document in a series of presentations to the congregation to be held at a variety of times.   We will announce the schedule of these meetings sometime in the summer.

Some of the significant proposed changes are in these categories:

  • Congregational meetings and voting: modifying procedures to allow for a virtual format for viewing meetings, in addition to in-person congregational meetings (when practical again), and developing a voting procedure that includes electronic methods, as well as mail-in ballots and in-person votes;
  • Membership requirements: doing away with “supporting and non-supporting members;” defining responsibilities of members as a contribution of time, energy, talent and-or financial well-being of our beloved community;
  • Commitment to Equity: including a new article which expresses our commitment to becoming a just and inclusive organization.

For more information or to join and observe our monthly meetings, please contact Shari Harris at  or Brian Lewis at

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