After consultation with the Regathering Team, the Board of Trustees invites the members of People’s Church to a Special Congregational Meeting on February 27th, 2022. This decision is not made lightly. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges in conducting the business of the congregation. The Board believes that the completion of the Bylaws revision by the congregation is critical to the implementation of the mission and vision of People’s Church. Our current Constitution requires an in-person discussion and vote to complete this revision. The meeting will be integrated with our usual Sunday session at 10:45am, and the logistical details are being planned to ensure as safe an environment as can be reasonably provided.  A formal agenda will be forthcoming, yet it is known that topics will also include the formal acknowledgement of the votes that were made in the spring of 2020 and 2021 regarding the election of Nominating Committee members, Board of Trustees members, and budget proposals in addition to the proposed Bylaws.

In preparation for the important work of discussing and finalizing the document guiding the work of People’s Church please take the time to review the information on the church website in advance of the session. A new document has been added to the website to assist your decision making process. The Board of Trustees and the Bylaws Committee thought that it would be helpful to share the feedback collected last fall and the “why” behind where changes were and were not made in the version proposed to the congregation.  We intend to also offer one more review session about two weeks in advance of this Special Congregational Meeting for any last questions.

Diversity in thought is what makes us strong.  Our commitment to the health of our organization and to each other makes us resilient and capable of adaptation and growth. The democratic process that People’s Church follows requires many perspectives to be honored in compassionate and respectful ways. The Board would like to offer the opportunity to gather more thoughts to inform the congregation’s discussions on the 27th.

While formal amendments must be presented in person at the congregational meeting in order to be voted upon, the Board would encourage members to share a draft of any proposed changes they are considering bringing forward, and to share their rationale for the suggestion to their level of comfort. Drafts for members’ thoughtful consideration should be received to Susan Moerdyk (Board President), Karen Friedel (Board VP), and Denise Hartsough (Board Secretary), no later than 4pm on February 1, 2022 so they can be compiled for sharing.

We look forward to doing this work with you.

Best regards on behalf of the Board of Trustees,
Susan Moerdyk, President