Guidelines for the use of People’s Church space for adults (16 years and older)

  1. We strongly encourage everyone to get vaccinated.
  2. Room 19 – recommended maximum capacity 19; extra ventilation + UV light in duct work w/functional switch on wall outside coat room
  3. Room 9 – recommended maximum capacity 14
  4. Commons – recommended maximum capacity 25* (ceiling fans for ventilation and UV lights in each)
  5. Handwashing is recommended to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.
  6. Rentals/waiver – event leader is required to obtain the signatures of all attendees prior to the start of the event (a form will be provided to each event leader by Chris)
  7. Anyone using space in our Church (rentals, Chalice Circles, committees, etc.) must be knowledgeable of and comply with CDC and Michigan Health & Human Services guidelines and recommendations as regards masks and other safety protocols.  As these change frequently with knowledge gained about the Coronavirus, we are unable to provide concrete recommendations beyond those identified in 1-5.
  8. CDC graphics with guidelines are posted on all exterior doors of the building.

Room 19 = 676 sf / 36 sf = 19
Room 9 = 506 sf / 36 sf = 14
Commons = 3,024 sf / 36 sf = 84

*NON-RESIDENTIAL GATHERINGS — up to 25 people are allowed. Masks and social distancing are REQUIRED (

DATE: May 6, 2021

People’s Church Regathering Team:  Donna McClurkan, Marti Peters-Sparling, Greg Feldmeier, Gary Heckman and Chris Schleuder

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