The Service Auction held on Sunday, February 19, whose purpose was to help folks get to know one another and to donate funds for the church, resulted in fun, of course, and bid awards on 171 items or services, for a total of over $7,000!   Thanks to those who donated and to those who engaged in the bidding!  From home-made pies to dinners out with other People’s folks to learning, arts and entertainment events, hope everyone enjoys the new and unusual or the tried and true, adventures and fellowship that will result from this auction!

Further details:

Winning bidders—if you were not present at the close of the auction, you will receive certificates for what you won, in the mail.  On each certificate is information regarding how to contact the donor to arrange for the service or item to be provided.

Invoices—will be sent to winning bidders who have an  outstanding balance (unpaid).

Winners who have items to be picked up  (pictures and jewelry)—will receive an email  with information telling how to pick up the item(s).

Donors will receive an email with the list of the  bidders who purchased their items.

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