6650193_sThis committee exists to engage the congregation of People’s Church and conduct a successful process of securing a new settled minister.  Through openness and dedication, this committee promises to assist the church in its self-reflective task.  This task is undertaken for the purpose of attracting and aligning a clear and honest representation of our congregation with talented candidates who most share our dreams and goals for the work we feel called to do.

Members of the committee are: Zoe Valette (chair), Jeme Baker (secretary), Don Miller (treasurer and member of negotiating team), Marj Lightner, Rick Johnson, Dyrk Hamilton and Rochelle Habeck Hunt.

We promise the Board of People’s Church to keep you abreast of our process, of what we learn from our MSA and UUA staff, and to be as transparent and timely as possible, while maintaining the limits of mandatory confidentiality.

We ask of the Board these same considerations and that you be responsive to our requests for your leadership, communication, decisions, and support of our work.

We promise the congregation to provide timely communication with regard to our progress on a shared calendar of the search process and to keep you as informed as possible in as many ways as we can, including the newsletter, website, church displays, and pulpit updates, within the limits of confidentiality we have pledged to maintain.  We promise to provide several means of input for the Congregation’s self-assessment, including survey, cottage meetings and a comments box at church. We pledge to represent the congregation as a whole, rather than any specific demographic, belief, or interest that we or any group may hold.

We ask of you that you be patient with us, especially about the substantive details of our work and its required confidentiality. We will appreciate your efforts to resist engaging us in personal queries about the search, which we will have to excuse ourselves from answering. We expect that you trust us to carry out our prescribed duties and we will do everything we can to uphold that trust. We also ask that you participate fully in this work by filling out the congregational survey. A very high percentage response rate is required to be considered an accurate reflection of our congregation.  The survey is a central piece of our self-reflection that will help align our vision and needs with prospective candidates.  We ask that you involve yourself in the cottage meetings if you are able; as these conversations with personal input shared together enriches and deepens the quality of our search. And we ask that you help stem conversations that are not based in fact, and help direct concerns or questions or observations to us.

We promise our interim minister Rev. Dave Johnson to communicate as effectively as we can, to provide a picture of our life at People’s Church that reflects our needs and hopes for our future, and to seek your experienced counsel and pastoral care as needed to guide and support our work.

We ask that you offer your experience, support and objective reflections when you see that they are needed and when we ask, and that you assist and guide us in this transition as we look forward.  We ask that you be a willing and proactive source of information to prospective candidates about our church.

We promise other staff to offer time to seek your input and your reflections and vision about our shared future.  We promise to do our best to remain transparent about the process with you.

We ask that you continue to remain open in this transition, “weathering the storms” with the congregation as you are so much the foundation and leadership at People’s Church.  We ask that you help us by generously providing information in a timely and creative way as we put together our congregational record and information packet for prospective candidates.  We ask that you assist during candidating week to make the experience as participative and informative for all as it can be.

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