darryl_loicanoFrom Darryl Loiacano, Board of Trustees Co-President

Greetings, good People’s people and happy winter! For many years now People’s Church has held a service auction fundraiser sometime in the spring. This has been a great source of income for the church, but also a good deal of work to organize and pull off. Over the last few years, experienced leaders for doing this event have moved on or become unavailable, and currently there is no plan to hold the event this year.

However, there are many other possibilities for a church fundraiser, and I am hoping a group of people could step forward to brainstorm and organize such an event. Of course, not having a fundraising event for the spring would result in a significant loss of revenue for the church. It also removes a great opportunity for community building and fun, as the service auction has always been.

If you would be willing to be part of planning such an event, please contact me, darrylk@hotmail.com or the church office and we will be back in touch to plan a first meeting!

In community,


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