Sue CaulfieldDear People’s People,

We can certainly say one thing about life at People’s Church. It is never boring. There is so much going on right now so, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, I will review a few highlights.

On February 12, 2014, the Board received a report from our consultant, Jeff Susor on the feasibility of People’s People conducting a new capital campaign to support our expanded and improved building and grounds. I am pleased to report that Jeff reported overwhelming and unambiguously positive support from People’s People and the Board of Trustees unanimously approved a new three-year capital campaign. Our goal is to reduce if not remove all debt related to the building. That campaign will run concurrent with our annual budget campaign, which kicks off on March 23rd. What this says to me is that People’s People are aligning their resources with our shared vision; this is great news for our church community.

The Board met with the Transition Team and Nominating Committee on February 8, 2014, to begin the process of creating our Minister Search Committee. Our UUA representative was unable to join us due to illness, so your leadership teams are beginning this important work to keep us on schedule. There will be information at church about this process and a congregational meeting on March 30 where we will elect members to the search committee. Each member of the church will have an opportunity to recommend people to serve on this committee. Please be sure to get us your recommendations.

As I noted in my February article, People’s Church will be seeking a different interim minister for the second year of our interim period. This decision was mutually agreed upon by Rev. Pam and the Board of Trustees, and will well serve us as we discern the selection of a new settled minister for August, 2015. The Board has already identified four Board members to serve on the Interim Minister Task-Force and will seek additional members (up to three) from the congregation. If this aligns with your skills and interests, please let me know. Our work is short-lived, though intense for a few weeks, beginning around April 10th and, if we are successful in round 1, ending around May 9th.

The Board of Trustees is actively engaged in reviewing church policies and procedures, with an end goal of documents that are transparent, informative and facilitative. One item will be up for a vote at the March 30th meeting of the congregation. The Board is recommending that Article III, section 3, of our constitution be changed so that new members need be members for 30 days (rather than 2 months) in order to vote or seek election to the Board of Trustees.

Yes, there is a lot going on. Please keep a close eye on the church calendar and plan to stay after the service on March 16 (budget hearing), March 23 (all-church Transitions meeting) and March 30 (congregational meeting to vote on constitutional change and members of minister search committee).

In the midst of busyness, I leave you with these words from Theodore Roethke: “I learn, by going, where I have to go.” As we navigate our busy days, may we walk the path together, trust our common knowledge, and believe at least six impossible things before breakfast (with nods to Lewis Carroll). One hundred fifty-nine years into our heritage, we continue to grow, to thrive, and to support each other in our journeys.

In peace and gratitude,
Sue Caulfield

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