The 2021-22 Board of Trustees has identified that the focus of their work for this year is moving us forward in cultivating a culture that promotes equity and consciously dismantles racism. The path to this result is through the ways that People’s Church designs and implements its programs and business practices.  As a foundation for this work, the Board has engaged in conversation about the history of the commitment to internal transformation of our organization back to 2010, the results of the Widening our Welcome project of 2018, the Anti-Racism Rubric for UU Congregations v2.8.11.21, and the proposed bylaws.

As a result of three months of conversation, the Board has identified the following goals for our work with the congregation:

  • Growing our partnerships and solidarity with the community.
  • Practicing difficult conversations in healthy and productive ways.
  • Revising People’s written policies that guide decision making.

The Board recognizes that both synergy and tension exist between personal transformation and the work of transforming the church as an institution. We aim to do both concurrently and with continuous learning for improvement.

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