Your Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the following candidates for the church board of trustees.  They bring a wonderful variety of experience, perspective, and tenure at the church.

Greg FeldmeierGreg Feldmeier

I’ve practiced OB/GYN for 40 years in Kalamazoo and recently retired. While in private practice I was also involved with the education of Michigan State Medical Students as Clerkship Director. My wife Ann and I have 5 adult children and 8 grandchildren with one more on the way. I’ve served on the board of Family and Children’s Services and am currently serving my second term on the Schoolcraft Township Board of Trustees. (The first time I won by eleven votes the second time I ran unopposed!) Ann and I have been members at Peoples Church for 5 ½ years. I’ve served on the Stewardship Committee and the Sunday Services Committee.

Nadine Godin-NassaneyNadine Godin-Nassaney

Nadine Godin-Nassaney joined People’s Church in 1992 with her husband Michael shortly after moving to Kalamazoo with her family. She is a social worker employed by Parchment Public Schools since 1995. She taught in the Religious Education program and chaired the RE Committee while her 2 sons were young. Her sons, Andrew aged 25, and Alex, age 21 grew up at People’s Church. She chaired the Personnel Committee and the Intern Minister Committee for Dennis McCarty. She also served on the Committee on Ministry when Jill McAllister was new at People’s Church. Nadine is currently a greeter, member of the Nominating Committee (term expiring June 2014), member of the Interim Minister Search Committee and chair of the Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression Multicultural Committee.

Ben JonesBen Jones

Ben Jones is a father of two and a web developer in Kalamazoo. In previous lives he was also a professional videographer and a radio news anchor. He attended People’s Church way back in his high school days, but rejoined a few years ago at the prompting of his wife and children. He appreciates the quirkiness and introspection of UU-ism, but more than anything loves leading middle and high school RE classes. When he’s not working or at church, Ben enjoys reading (books, magazines and Reddit), eating, dismantling electronics and being irritated by current events.

In the spirit of full transparency, we will point out that Nadine is a current Nominating Committee member whose term is expiring this year. She brings great church experience to the slate.  All of these candidates have the full support of the Nominating Committee. We appreciate their willingness to serve. As a reminder, all church members are able to petition to be added to the slate if they so desire.  Petitions are available in the church office and are due to the office before church next Sunday, May 11.   We will ask the congregation to vote on all Board candidates at the annual meeting on Sunday, May 18.

Also note, we still need to fill 3 open positions for next year’s Nominating Committee roster.  Because of the short timelines, we have decided to wait on filling these openings until we resume church in the Fall.  This doesn’t hinder any church business since the Nominating Committee begins its formal work around February anyway.    The congregation will have a chance to vote on these seats at a church meeting as required.  We will keep you updated on that process as it unfolds.

Thank you for your ongoing support and participation in the business of the church.

Your Nominating Committee:

Jeme Baker, Tim Bartik, Nadine Godin-Nassaney, Sarah Hill, Missy Howse-Kurtz, Rick Johnson, and Bob Wallis, chair

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