This year was even more successful than last year in gross sales and in a spirit of joy and teamwork that was palpable. Our Bazaar has become a beloved event in the community and a special way for us all to lean in and accomplish this miracle for our church. It is a profound teaching to see what we can do we come together in unity and offers a glimpse of our potential in living out our mission.

Special thanks are due to the co-leaders who led each area of the Bazaar and all who served with them:

People’s Signature Pasties: Bob Friedel, Andrea Huff, Joe Friedel, and all the weekend crews of choppers, dough makers, assembler/bakers and wrappers. These were a big success, once again, and brought many new and old folks together to do Bob’s pasty ministry together in the kitchen.

Buildings & Grounds and Set Up Crew: Gary Leadley, Catherine Niessink and all the willing workers who decorated and cleaned the building, moved ALL the furniture, and set up for the Bazaar in record time!

White Elephant: Nicky Gates, Sheila Reuther, Ann Murray and Colleen Van Slambrouck led the way with a week full of volunteers who organized, priced and sold all the treasures that so many people donated for this big effort. With clever sales efforts, the leftovers hauled to Goodwill were far fewer this year!

People’s Café: Sandy Steele and Ann Feldmeier led a sell-out performance in our café this year, with help from contributed foods, new cashiering system, shift leaders, shift workers and servers of all ages. Beautiful food and special service delivered what people look forward to enjoying in our café each year.

Public Relations and Communications: Rick Johnson, Chris Schleuder, Deb Beyer and Mary Kate Webster planned and executed our communications using all media, and with everyone’s help got the word better at a lower cost! The number of people increased this year, with many first timers attending.

Cashiering and Finance: Megan Reynolds and Barb Davis led these critical operations with many talented volunteers to accurately receive and account for all the sales and all our vendors’ earnings and payments. Two new charge stations were added this year and the lines moved quickly!

Peoples’ Specialties Foods and Goods: Kat Westphal, Nancy Stern, Martha Beverly, Donna McClurkan along with Kimberly Payne, Carolyn Heineman and all who staffed these loaded tables, arranged and sold more of your beautiful frozen entrees, pasties, baked goods, jams, and handcrafted items than ever! This year we made about $7,500 from your contributed homemade goods!!

Greeters: Julie Schneeberger and Karen Friedel organized, trained and led all the diligent and charming folks who volunteered and carried out their Greeter roles with care and welcoming hospitality, cookies and smiles. You set the tone and kept it humming from start to finish.

Artists and Vendors: Emily Sipsma began in late spring to recruit a spectacular and diverse mix of 31 talented artisans and provided thoughtful guidance to help them succeed and enjoy our show. These vendors earned a total of $4,000 more in gross sales over last year.

Shuttle Van Service: Gary Leadley and all the volunteer drivers carried our folks back and forth to Center Point from dawn to dark, making more room for our customers to park and shop.

Clean-Up: Energetic, diligent youth and weary, determined adults (and vacuum cleaners) jumped in to transform our entire building in record 90 minutes time to be ready for the Peter Mayer concert at 7pm!

Shoppers and Weather: We are all very thankful for those who shopped local and the beautiful weather!

With much gratitude,
Rochelle Habeck Hunt and Chris Schleuder, Coordinators

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