Our People’s Church 2018 Fine Arts Sale & Holiday Bazaar will be held Saturday, November 17th. If you might be interested in becoming more involved in the preparations for the Bazaar, please join us to find out more. We will meet from 6:30-8pm, Wednesday evening, June 20th in Room L1. If you can’t make that meeting, email Rochelle at habeck@chartermi.net so we can find another time to connect.

We especially hope to recruit new co-leaders in the following areas:

  1. White Elephant: 1 or 2 more Co-Chair(s) with Nicky Gates
  2. Clean-Up: 2 Co-Chairs or families needed to shepherd this task at the end of the day (3-5 pm)
  3. Publicity: Marketing person to chair publicity with existing team of workers
  4. “Back Office” Accounting: Co-Chair with Barb Davis
  5. Café: Co-Chair with Sandy Steele and Patrick Murray
  6. Bazaar Coordination: Co-Chair with Rochelle Habeck-Hunt
  7. Greeter Co-Chairs (to recruit, train prior to bazaar and support on that day)

The work is fun—and you will be very supported. This is a great way to serve the church and build community for yourself. Please join us!

Thank you.

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