Ardyce Curl - Painting with PastelsAll are invited to stay for the Art Wall Reception celebrating the work of Ardyce Czuchna-Curl following the Sunday Service on April 20.  Ardyce’s pastel paintings will be on display through June 1.

Artist Statement

Facing a blank sheet of paper can be terrifying, but it’s a thrill to watch an image emerge.  I was 50 years old before enrolling in my first art class, but finally took the plunge when a professor friend at Kalamazoo College invited me to attend his drawing class as a non-traditional student.  When he said, “Today we’re going to draw this chair,” I thought, “I can’t do that.”  But with his patient guidance the chair appeared on my paper–and I was hooked!

With help from the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts instructors, I’ve tackled landscapes, flowers, still-life’s and buildings, always working from my own reference photos from travels around the world. After many watercolor and pastel classes, pastel has become my favorite medium because it seems most controllable.

Some of the most satisfying images emerging from my journey of discovery are on this wall.  This is my first one-person show, and with it I hope to convey some of the excitement I’ve felt in discovering the creative process and to encourage you to try something you may have hesitated to do.

–Ardyce Czuchna-Curl, April 2014

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