Exhibit displayed in The Commons from December 10, 2017 through January 28, 2018.

Artist Statement:

As a licensed massage therapist and colon therapist, the quest for my own health in my body, mind and spirit is also a driving force behind my artistic expression.  Understanding that health is a holistic process, I call on my own love of creation to bring beautiful images and ideas, but also tools to assist my growth.  Art is part of my healing process.

I attempt to weave together my passion for healing with my desire to create.  I look for the meeting place of the visual, verbal and experiential where I may blend my experience as a woman, mother, poet, health practitioner and child of nature into a narrative expressing my life’s path.  Since I believe we are all interconnected, I hope that my journey may reflect something of value to others.


The Process of Change: Oil & Fiber, 2015-2017

Creating these pieces, I encountered a new way of interacting with the artistic process.  I usually have a very concrete idea in mind before I begin to work with materials and complete a piece with much the same vision that I started.  This time, I started working with materials immediately, with only a vague concept of the end result.  By allowing myself to play and explore in this fashion, I found that I felt like one of the mediums through which the art was creating itself.  This is my first attempt at blending fiber on canvas, one which I learned by trial and error, opening my creative expression to new possibilities.  I got to be delighted as the canvas transformed before me, until the final product clearly emerged, letting me know, intuitively, when each was complete.  In conversation about this series, my daughter told me it was not possible to paint energy.  I tried anyway, not to capture how anything looks, but rather how things can feel.

The process of allowing change and transformation has largely been my approach to my body, my healing and my life, in all aspects.  While these pieces represent a span of two years work and a year of planning for this particular showing, I found myself delaying the creation of the final pieces.  A month ago, my husband ended his life.  Everything stopped…and nothing did.  Life continues, plans made continue and I find myself hanging this process honoring change and transformation at a time when these energies are so deeply moving in my own life.  This work has no direct connection to the shift I am currently undergoing, other than to highlight, for me, how chaos is always swirling and moving beneath the surface of our lives, and while I may never know what is changing for someone else from day to day, I know we are always in motion with this greater influencing energy.  May we all find ways to continue the journey together, in peace and in love. Aho!

–Elizabeth Rae Bullmer


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