Art Wall Reception will be on Sunday, September 23, 12:15 p.m.

Exhibit: “Transformation II”
Maryellen Hains invited artists from Southwest Michigan to each create a piece that expresses his/her connection with the theme TRANSFORMATION. The theme was suggested in a conversation between Gay Walker and Maryellen about how our lives change as we grow older and events and experiences impact on who we are and how we see ourselves. The cliché is do we “grow old gracefully”—or do we fight every step.

The original exhibit was shown at the Carnegie Art Center in Three Rivers, Michigan during the summer of 2018. This edited version representing 16 artists includes many of the two-dimensional pieces from the first exhibit and a few new ones.

Some artists’ approaches were very personal. Others looked to nature for inspiration and imagery. Several focused on the moments when new life seems to emerge—celebrating the patterns and consistencies in nature “the potential for new life in the nuts that hold a forest within their shells.”

Cycles of natural transformation are also evident; views of the changing of the seasons as a metaphor for our connectivity to the earth as we grow and change, and each new beginning is a continuation that leads to new discoveries and new appreciation for journey’s twists and turns.

Each of these works is the result of the artist’s connection with the theme. Sometimes as an artist you have no idea where you are going with an idea. You play with materials or concepts until something “strikes” your fancy or becomes a “sniff of something.” If your Muse is with you, she may spark that desire to create, that curiosity to engage, that push
into the making and that engagement that lets us set aside our fears or laziness.

As artists and colleagues, we would like to be collaborators with our viewers. We hope that as you see and interact with our visions, you will find a connection that leads you to some feeling or understanding that enriches you and the rest of us as we engage in our journey.

– Curated by Maryellen Hains

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