Doing Our ‘Inside’ Work
On Sunday, March 19, we listened to the Rev. Dr. Melanie Morrison speak on the necessity of white people doing their own work “beyond good intentions.”  Her self-reflective examples pointed us to a level of personal and organizational accountability that are needed in order to break down structural racism.

Then, on Saturday, March 25, we spent important time with Rev. Rachel and Rev. Jill McAllister talking about first identifying and then living into our own personal values—deeper than the intellectual, and more personal than the published UU values.

As we continue our efforts to assist the arc of the universe in bending toward justice, it does appear that the ‘inner’ work of values is critical, as well as the inner personal and congregational work of understanding how our own structures have been misshapen by the racial dynamics of our nation.

This level of work cannot be accomplished through the efforts of just a few of us—it takes our whole congregation working together, talking together, learning together.  So this Gathering is a chance to dig a little deeper into our “inside” work … with mutual support.


For Those Just Getting Started
For those who have never attended either a 1-day Introduction to Systemic Racism workshop, or a 2.5-day Understanding and Analyzing Systemic Racism workshop—we will have a breakout session just for you, to get you started on the basic concepts and language.


For Those Who Have Already Been to Training(s)
We will be viewing Shelley Tochluk’s TEDx talk titled “Let’s Talk About Race,” with breakout and whole-group discussions to connect the concepts to self and People’s Church.  Please join us!  We need your energy!


NOTE: This event is for the development of People’s People ; it is not open to the general public


May all beings be safe,
Carolyn Heineman
ARAOMC Committee

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