Building Community One Bid at a Time

We invite you to participate in our annual Silent Auction (formerly the Service Auction), an opportunity to offer and bid on services and items donated by People’s people. Join us as we build community one bid at a time by sharing our talents and treasures and raising money for the church. We are now soliciting your contributions to benefit our church. “What can I offer?” you may wonder. In the past People’s people have donated a wide range of services and products for auction including homemade seasonal pies; a poetry brunch; an ice cream party; cooking lessons; dinner, sunset, and a boat ride on Lake Michigan; child care; voice lessons; pizza party; tax preparation assistance; framed photographs; original art; perennials; he-man labor; dog sitting/walking; leaf removal; a weekend excursion to a lake house up north or a Florida condominium, etc. You get the idea. If you value it, someone else will too and they’ll be willing to bid on it (with proceeds to benefit our church). Many of these activities also bring people closer together and work to build community. You will be hearing from us soon if you previously provided a donation and we hope you can contribute again. If you haven’t participated in the auction in the past and have a donation to offer, please see Michael Nassaney or fill out an Auction Offer form available online or in the foyer. Remember, you are not limited in the number of donations you can provide.  Filled out offer forms can be emailed to or placed in the box in the foyer.

We have made some minor adjustments to streamline the auction process this year. We will begin advertising your offering in our online catalog and in the church this month. You can bid on all the wonderful services and goods by using the bid sheets posted on the walls all around the church and in the commons (look around a little—you’ll find them like a treasure hunt). The bidding will close at 10:45 am before the church service on Sunday, February 25 and culminate with a potluck lunch immediately after. You can check out any time after the service. We are looking for helpers to assist with set-up, clean-up, and other activities on Feb. 25. Thank you in advance for your interest and support! We’re hoping to increase participation over last year’s event, so if you haven’t donated or attended in the past, by all means plan to do so this year.

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