Your Board of Trustees has voted to authorize an expenditure of $83,330 to resurface the front parking lot. The critical need for this maintenance project was presented to the Board at the beginning of the church year by our Buildings and Grounds Committee. The Board has studied the issue and agreed that the long deferred maintenance should be performed this year. Buildings and Grounds obtained three bids from local contractors over the past few months. The lowest bid was $83,330, which would include resurfacing both front lots, paving the area in between, and expanding the front lot on one side, all with the goal of making a more usable space.

The Board is now asking the congregation to approve this expenditure as required by our policies at Article VI, section 4, which states: “They [referring to the board] shall authorize all non-budgeted expenditures of money; however, any non-budgeted expenditures exceeding 5% of the budget shall be approved by the supporting members at a meeting of the congregation.”

The Board, working with the Treasurer, has identified a source of funding for this expenditure—a large bequest that was received this year.

The congregational meeting to vote on whether to approve this expenditure will be held on Sunday, March 13th at the time already scheduled our annual budget hearing. This meeting will start at 12:15 pm in the Commons.

Prior to the vote the Board and the Buildings and Grounds Committee will hold an informational session on Sunday, March 6th at 10:00 am before the service in the Commons.

Please join us for that informational session so that we might address any question or concerns you might have in advance of the scheduled vote.

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