chaliceWe have a new chalice circle that began January 12 and is running 2nd Sundays of each month through April from 1-3pm. We welcome anyone interested in joining this small group ministry circle to join in.

New Members heard about this opportunity on Member Recognition Sunday.  All new members and existing members and friends of People’s are encouraged to join in this experience.

The circle is designed to help people get to know one another better by creating sacred space for deep listening and sharing by fostering trust and openness. The chalice circle will be an opportunity to meet with others around a commitment to practice listening and sharing in ways that allow us to be real and honest. In chalice circles, we focus on topics from our life experience— success and failure, grief and joy, love and loss, loneliness and alienation, growth and forgiveness, happiness and contentment—all of life is our focus.

A chalice circle is typically a group of 6 or 7 people, meeting regularly for 1-2 hours. The discussion and sharing follow an order of service which encourages moving beyond opinions to the sharing of experience. Group members make a commitment to the group and to the process, for a specified amount of time.

People’s member, Lynetta Carnes, will facilitate this new circle.

For more information, please contact Diane Melvin.


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