Ekphrastic Exhibit of Drawing and Poetry

(Ekphrastic refers to a form of writing, mostly poetry, wherein the author describes another work of art, usually visual.)

Artist Statement

I close my eyes and start making marks randomly, with a pencilon paper- long and short, wavy and straight, continuous and dashed all without looking. I fill the pages with gestures from my subconscious. There is no preplanning, no compositional studies.

After the page is full, I begin to look for shapes and objects. I bring them forward and push some back. I erase many of the lines to find the negative space between the marks. I draw with my eraser, as well as a pencil. There is no narrative, no story except that which the viewer brings to the image. The marks tell me the next step, the shapes communicate the relationships. I follow their lead, bringing order to chaos, while keeping my connection with my subconscious as continuous as possible. From these appear the clowns, fish and birds. Everything is as accidental as I can make it.

I have been creating these images since June, 2016, posting them on my Facebook page called Accidental Marks. We have invited 20 poets to select a drawing and write a poem inspired by it. Drawings would be in the exhibit creating an “accidental” display and diverse interpretation of my drawings. This exhibit is an accident waiting to happen.

Michael Dunn

Poems in exhibit by:

Beth Bullmer
Bonnie Jo Campbell
Robin Church
Margaret DeRitter
Michael Dunn
Danna Ephland (in spirit)
Heidi Fidler
Zoe Gobble
Karen French
Jackie Hughes
Kathy Jennings
Michelle Klee
Kurt Luchs
Marsha Meyer
Don Miller
Christine Parks
Kathy Rabbers
Susan Ramsay
Elaine Seaman
Leeanne Seaver

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