Every fall, we pour our small containers of water into a larger vessel as the symbolic kickoff of our program year.

All People’s people are invited to co-mingle water from a place that holds meaning to them (The kitchen sink is just fine.) in the week before the water service on September 13. We will be gathering this water in the birdbath, near the front door of the church building. We have a several options for how to participate, to accommodate the various risk tolerances and mobility levels in our congregation.

Option 1: In person, with a physically distanced greeting
Come to the church building from 7:00-8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 8 or 12:00-1:30pm on Wednesday September 9 to co-mingle your waters. Rev. Rachel will be present for a physical distant greeting and other People’s people might be present as well. We will be taking pictures of people participating in the ritual to include in the Sunday service on September 13. You will also be able to pick up church-at-home materials (including hymnals, rocks for our joys and sorrows ritual, chalices, and streamers).

Option 2: In person without others present
Come to the church building at any time other than the ones listed above to pour your water in the birdbath. If you would like a picture of yourself included in the service, please send it to Rev. Rachel (minister@peopleschurch.net) by the evening of Wednesday the 9th. The church-at-home materials will be available for pickup near the front door of the church by Monday, September 7.

Option 3: curbside pickup
If going to the church building is too risky or otherwise challenging for you, we’ll can arrange a no-contact water pick up and co-mingle your waters for you and the delivery of church-at-home materials. Please be in contact with Rev. Rachel to make arrangements. Also please send photos of yourself to Rev. Rachel by Wednesday evening, if you’d like them to be included in the Sunday service.

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