Green SanctuaryOn September 25, the Green Sanctuary Committee had signature sheets at a table in the foyer to sign in a Letter of Support for the Standing Rock Sioux, and invited anybody who would like to participate to add their name.

The tribe is protesting installation of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is being routed across their ancestral lands and the Missouri River just upstream from their reservation. The construction threatens to damage historic cultural and religious sites and the oil that will flow through the pipeline will be a hazard to all living beings that depend on the Missouri River. The decision to site this pipeline did not include meaningful consultation with the tribal communities and the Environmental Impact Assessment was rushed through. Thus, the pipeline approval process did not ensure proper participation by the people whose lives, lands and waters will be directly affected by it.

As Unitarian Universalists who believe in justice, democratic processes, and care for the environment, we wish to express our support for the Standing Rock Sioux in their efforts to prevent construction of the pipeline.

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