A Climate of Change: Creating a Net-Zero Church, by Tom Hackley

What is Net Zero?

If oil company A, natural gas company B, and coal company C provide 100% of the energy needed to operate your home, you are using 100% carbon based energy, or Net 100.  But, if you can conserve 30% of your energy needs by making the house more airtight and well insulated, and you can save another 40% by making the heating and air conditioning, the water heater, the refrigerator and the stove more efficient, you find yourself at Net 30.  Then, if you can provide the remaining energy needs from renewable sources such as solar panels, you have reached Net Zero.  Impossible?  No.  Hard?  Yes. There is a growing global movement to do just this to both new and old buildings, and the Net Zero Task Force of People’s Church is setting out to see if we can reach this goal.  Our children and grandchildren are demanding that the world take such dramatic steps to curb climate change and preserve their future, and we think they deserve nothing less.  We’ve already contracted to place solar panels on the roof that will replace 35-40% of our electricity usage.  Keep watching for further developments, or ask a member of the Green Sanctuary Committee or Net Zero Task Force for more information.  Everything counts!

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