The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) promotes wildlife habitats in many ways. One is through the Wildlife Habitat Certification Program. This involves the property owner surveying an area for elements that promote wildlife survival, such as sources of food, water, cover, and places animals could raise their young . The property owner also adds elements, if needed. For the past several years, People’s Church has been a part of this certification process.

During an elementary RE specialty class a few years ago, children participated in a nature walk/scavenger hunt on church grounds, looking for habitat elements. More recently, our high school youth group got to work. They looked for the above survival elements, and also considered current sustainable practices we have in place. The youth group determined that, although many necessities were present on our church property, more water sources were needed, so they installed a bird bath in front of the church. Assisted by their adult leaders and other church members, our certification process was completed. We received an NWF wildlife habitat sign which will be posted on our church grounds. A big thank-you goes out to all involved in promoting wildlife habitat at People’s Church.

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