During this time of uncertainty in the midst of this global pandemic, connection with other people looks different than we could have possibly imagined just months ago. Our People’s Church small group ministry program is opening up new Chalice Circles to help folks experience meaningful connections with fellow church members. As with much else in our world these days, our Chalice Circles have also moved to Zoom. These monthly circles contain 6-12 people and are designed to deepen relationships with oneself and one another. The primary component of these circle is deep listening. Often focused on a theme or topic (such as forgiveness, compassion, love, grief, etc.) participants enjoy a few readings on the subject and then have uninterrupted time to share their personal thoughts and feelings on that topic as well as listen to one another. If you wish to experience the many benefits that come from deepening connections, please contact Pat Nelson for more information at patnelson348@gmail.com.

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