Last fall you may have heard about a large undertaking of a group of dedicated People’s people:  Rewriting our church Bylaws (sometimes called a Constitution).  It’s been 10 years since this foundational document was reviewed and tweaked to fit who we are today.  So the Bylaws Committee wanted to take a moment to update you on what we’ve been doing, since all of our work so far has been quietly in the background of church life.

A team of 9 of us convened in the fall of 2019 at the request of our Board of Trustees, hoping to have a proposal for you to vote on at our May 2020 Annual Meeting.  Giving of their valuable time for this project are Shari Harris (facilitator), Barb Davis, Mary Kate Webster, Brian Lewis, Marj Lightner, Denise Hartsough, Bob Hardin, Diane Worden, and Carolyn Heineman.

As we’ve come together as a team of voices with a wide range of perspectives, we’ve settled in agreement on the principle of ‘doing it well’ – truly listening to each other, and exploring our identity and potential as a church.  Doing research on what other UU congregations are doing, consulting with attorneys, and more.  And that takes time.  More than we thought it would.

Our best projection at this moment is that in the fall of 2020 we will hold a series of open discussions for the congregation to hear about and interact with our proposed changes.  After we hear your feedback, we will go back into deliberation and consider how to incorporate what we’ve heard.  Then we will set a date for a congregational vote.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, input, fears, or opinions, we invite and encourage you to send them on to our facilitator, Shari Harris at

We just thought you should know …
Carolyn Heineman and the Bylaws team

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