In Our Own Best Interest; How Defending Human Rights Benefits Us All, by William F. Schultz

Sierra Leone, Kosovo, East Timor, the Bronx. The nightly news brings vivid images into our homes of the mistreatment of people all over the world. In the secure comfort of our living rooms, we may feel sympathetic to the victims of these atrocities but far removed from them. “What does all this have to do with a person in east Tennessee?” is the question from a radio program host that prompted William Schulz to write this book.

Schulz, the former executive director of Amnesty International and former president of the UUA, provides answers with an insightful work, generously laced with compelling stories of women and men from all continents, which clearly delineates the connection between our prosperity here in the United States and human rights violations throughout the globe. The book reveals the high cost of indifference not only in ethical and moral terms, but in terms of the political, economic, environmental and public health consequences in our own backyards.

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