As the holidays are fast approaching, and with winter break soon upon us, we are hoping to be able to provide fun activities for the Altyaras and in-home tutoring for Fatema and the boys. Two weeks out of school is a long stretch!

If your family is planning a fun winter activity and you would like to include the Altyaras or some of the family members, please contact Ann Feldmeier to help facilitate. 269-720-1649 or Of particular interest would be outdoor activities such as sledding, cross country skiing or ice skating (though they would need instruction for the last two activities). Also since the boys are playing basketball, they would be very interested in attending basketball games or other sporting events. Really, any activity that 11-year-olds or 17- or 20-year-olds would enjoy can be considered!

The more activities we can expose the family to, the faster they will learn English and the faster they will be acculturated. They are so enthusiastic about every new experience and greatly appreciate People’s people!

For those of you who have time during winter break to do in-home ESL tutoring or school tutoring (or both), your help would be most welcome. Please contact contact Ann Feldmeier 269-720-1649 or to set up times.

We continue to need financial support for the family. Your donations have made it possible to provide much needed clothing and household items and cover other expenses that the family has.  If you would like you can mail a check (with refugee resettlement in the memo line) to People’s Church, 1758 N. 10th Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49009, or make a donation online.

Recently the UU Community Church of Southwest Michigan hosted a fundraiser, and with the proceeds we were able to purchase a new laptop for Molham and Moayadd to use. As they are high school students this will greatly enhance what they can do at home regarding their school work.

In the spirit of the season—thank you one and all for your tremendous support and love for the Altyara family. This past week has been very emotional and difficult for the family because of the fighting in Aleppo. Tears have been shed and sadness expressed. Hugs and expressions of care have been needed.

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