The Rev. Dr. Melanie Morrison will be holding her intensive antiracism workshop for people who identify as white, Doing Our Own Work, here at People’s in early 2018.  Although the workshop will be held in our building, it is not a church-sponsored event. We have, however, been given the gift of 2 full-time equivalent scholarships for this workshop to be used by our members.

So, we’ve decided to offer a lottery for any members who might be interested in attending this workshop (more details below).  We can use the scholarship to pay 100% of the tuition for 2 people, or 50% for 4 people.

And, of course, all who are able to pay their own $475 tuition are also invited to register.  Please note that attendance at all 6 sessions is mandatory, so please check your schedules carefully before entering the lottery or registering.

Deadline for entering the scholarship lottery is December 8, so please act quickly if you’re interested.

About the Workshop

Doing Our Own Work is an intensive seminar for white people who seek to deepen their commitment to confronting white privilege and challenging racism in all its forms.  It seeks to help us better understand the four realms of racism and change: personal, interpersonal, institutional, and cultural.  You can read more detail at

The workshop will be held over a total of 6 days, on Fridays and Saturdays on the following dates:  January 19-20, February 16-17, and March 23-24.

To enter, or for questions

Please contact Carolyn Heineman if you wish to enter the scholarship lottery, or if you have other questions. or 269-547-7113.  Hope to hear from you!

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