The Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression Multi-Cultural (ARAOMC) Committee would like to thank the people of People’s Church for their donations to the Promise and the Practice campaign to fund Black Lives UU. Together we did reach the goal of $2500 needed for a matching grant. Thank you also to the members of the Social Justice Coordinating Committee for their assistance in the campaign. If readers are interested in learning more about the history of African Americans in the UU movement, I would highly recommend Mark Morrison Reed’s writings. One particular article about the Black Empowerment movement especially informed my writing of the February newsletter piece and can be found in his Darkening the Doors: Black Trailblazers and Missed Opportunities in Unitarian Universalism. We have a copy of this book, as well as his memoir In Between: A Memoir of an Integration Baby in the church library.

The ARAOMC Committee will be meeting with the Widening Our Welcome team in April to find ways that our two missions overlap. How would it look to be more inclusive, to create a more welcoming place for all people? How can we work together to make this happen? These are just two of the questions we hope to begin answering.

The church board of trustees took part in anti-racism training in February, presented by Eliminating Racism and Claiming/Celebrating Equality (ERACCE) trainers. This training focuses on the institutional racism that our culture was built on and continues to support in ways huge and small. It is an amazing thing, to take a step back, away from the myth of American exceptionalism we have all been steeped in from birth, and see how our society was set up for the well being and success of a surprisingly small segment of our population.

If you have any questions about anti-racism work or would like to be a part of ARAOMC, please let one of us know. We would love to talk to you.

—Cary Betz-Williams

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