Chris Measzros

Chris Measzros grew up in the Stockbridge United Methodist Church here in Kalamazoo. He was invited to People’s by Kathy Rankin and Michelle Richards in 2000 and attended looking for a religious home for his children.

“I had enjoyed the community aspect of the Methodist Church, but the path to salvation made utterly no sense to me,” Chris said. “Here at People’s I found a religious home for my family and an opportunity to make a difference and to contribute my talents to a really cool community.”

He has continued to attend and participate actively, working with the youth band, performing in the services and being a lay leader, which he says are opportunities for self-expression.

“In this time of global warming skeptics and a Trump presidency, I’m comforted that the liberals are still here,” Chris said.

He added, “I’m a devout agnostic and I love the unsettled questions and delicious ambiguities that get dealt with here.”

At People’s he feels nurtured by a good sermon, great music and the privilege to contribute.

Chris has served on the Music and Stewardship Committees, taught K-8 in religious education, led numerous specialty classes and assisted at elementary sleepovers and at high school conferences. He has been a mentor for the Coming of Age program and led an elementary band called Roasted Peanuts. He currently teaches a K/1 class, leads the teen band, “Rainbow Oblivion,” and is on the Sunday Services Committee.

He would at some point be interested in joining the buildings and grounds, social justice, arms around or religious education committees.

When asked what he would like to see happening here that is not happening now, he replied, “I feel our services are too organized, controlled and cerebral. Our congregation has historically been afraid of a service that taps into the emotional and spiritual side of our brain. I’d like to see more services that move us, make us cry.”

 Chris, 50, has been an elementary arts teacher 19 years for Bangor Public Schools. He and his wife Stephanie have two daughters, Eliza and Isabel.

This article was written by Ardyce Curl.

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