In our continuing effort to have better communication with People’s people, here are some highlights of our last Board meeting.

One of the Board’s primary goals this year is to help with the development of a second church service. Our discussion on the topic centered around leadership, the anxiety that change can cause, and how we can create a process to live with such feelings while still moving forward. There are many ways that a second service could look and a variety of unmet needs that it could fill. Readers, what are your thoughts? Please let the Board and/or Reverend Rachel know.

Another Board goal is to increase social activities within our church community. This was a fun topic to discuss, and one idea that gained traction was to have a family-friendly Friday Night Happy Hour at a restaurant or pub where there are games for both adults and children, and adult beverages available for those who want them. This would probably be done once or twice a month, and the congregation would be notified by a Friday email blast. We are looking for feedback on this idea—please let us know if you would be interested in attending something like this and what venues you would suggest.

The Board meeting minutes are now located on one of the kiosks in the foyer. We wanted to make sure they were more visible to everyone. Board Secretary Stephanie Measzros takes them and does an excellent job. If you’re curious about the business of the church, they are well-worth reading.

And to end on a great note, an end of the year budget surplus allowed the Board to eliminate the one-week unpaid furloughs for Reverend Rachel and Diane Melvin, our Director of Religious Education, and to restore the hours that were cut for her assistant Nicky Gates! And we still increased our budget reserves by $40,000.00!

Thanks and have a great November.

Cary Betz-Williams, Board Trustee

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