We often say “People’s people are a generous people” and through our various collections we prove this true.

In our lower lobby, behind the greeter’s table, we have two permanent collection boxes/barrels. One is for Ministry with Community and other for Loaves and Fishes.

Ministry with Community always needs individual sized toiletries (we suggest bringing home any hotel goodies you are given), socks, underwear, gloves, scarves, hats, etc.

And Loaves and Fishes needs canned goods, cereals, oatmeal packets, dried fruit, ie: non-perishables (great deals during a BOGO sale). These are always available in the lobby ready for donations.

We also do special collections of food stuff for Loaves and Fishes twice a year, where our goal is to fill the back of the “Loaves and Fishes Express” truck with donations. The next collections will be on January 5th and 12th. There is a special need this time of year for kid-friendly foods that can be packed into lunches or backpacks.

In addition to these collections, every month we have a special collection for a non-profit organization.  We have collected for a variety of organizations, such as The Boiling Point, Douglass Community Association, OutFront, and ISAAC. If you have a group you support and think a collection would help, let the Social Justice Coordinating Committee know. We are definitely open to suggestions.

We have a continuing volunteer presence at the Lincoln School. On a weekly basis, a number of our members volunteer as tutors. At the beginning of the school year, our special collection supports classroom needs. If during the school year there is a special need, we sometimes add an extra collection to meet the need, such as the recent book drive.

After our Holiday Bazaar, any white elephant donations not sold are given to Goodwill.

This year during the holidays, culminating with our Holiday Party, we will collect unwrapped gifts for the Lincoln School children. These items are for the children to select and then give to their family members as gifts. This allows them to experience the joy of giving even when they cannot afford a gift to give.

As you see, People’s people are truly generous and they can believe in the sun in the dark of the night!

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