If you are interested in starting a People’s Church evening book club, please write your name, contact info, and best times for you on the sign-up sheet on the foyer table.

The current coordinators of the Thursday afternoon book club (Marj Lightner & Pat Nelson–patnelson@btc-bci.com) would be glad to share what has been working for them. This group has been meeting for more than 30 years (participants coming and going throughout that time). It once met in the evenings, but as some regulars aged and had trouble with night driving, the group moved to daytime—regretfully, because we realize this impedes many from attending.

There are numerous book club options, but most of us who attend this group have found a special value in reading with other People’s Church members.

So many newcomers to church are expressing an interest in reading, we think there may be enough of a population right now to get an evening group started.

If the new group follows our model (of course, optional), you will allow time over the summer for reading and choosing the books you want to suggest for monthly meetings during the church year, which would make this is a good time for an initial planning meeting.

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