Our pledge fulfillment in 2015-16 at People’s Church has been poor again. At the end of June, we were about $25,000 short in pledge income promised for the fiscal year. Statements of pledge balances were sent out late in June with hopes that everyone would have a chance to finish paying their pledge before we closed the books for the fiscal year at the end of July. A few have notified us that they will not be able to complete their pledge due to changed circumstances.

However, there are still 40 pledging units who are short more than $50 for the year! We do not have another income source for these funds! So we will have a sizeable deficit for the year.  We need you to complete your pledge now if you have not already done so. Every pledge matters! If you are not able to finish your pledge, or if you have other questions, please contact Database Manager Dana Kubinski (269-375-3262), Assistant Treasurer Barb Davis (269-327-5894), or former Treasurer Allan Hunt (269-372-2033) to discuss your situation.

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