Electronic Payments at People’s

Some of you will already have noticed the QR code in the Sunday order of service—we’re coming into the 21st century!  We’re making it easier and more flexible for you to donate to our community, and easier for the office staff to process those donations!

In addition to the QR code, you’ll notice DONATE buttons showing up on our website and Facebook page.  With this new system (processed by VANCO) you’ll be able to make donations and pledge payments by credit card, direct debit to your checking account, text, debit card, or mobile app.  You’ll be able to make a one-time payment, or set up repetitive payments.  You’ll have the option to set up an account, so you’ll only have to enter your demographic data once.  You control your account with a password; the church office will not have access to it or control of it.

Make Dana’s life easier!  Relieve yourself of the burden of remembering to send in your pledge payments!  Set up your account now!

Need help?  Direct your questions to Dana Kubinski in the church office (375-3262) or Barb Davis (269-501-4454).

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