avRecent retirements and a resignation have left our A/V team critically short of experienced technicians for Sunday morning services.

If you agree that People’s use of projected images enhances our Sunday services, and that “seamless sound” is an essential feature, here’s a volunteer opportunity to serve the church in a real way while developing your own A/V skills.

We use an iMac at church, but as you probably know, PowerPoint works essentially the same on both Mac and Windows platforms; so most of us prepare the weekly programs at home on our own computers. If you are already creating PowerPoint programs for teaching or professional presentations the learning curve will be easy because we provide templates and image files ready to use.

On the audio side, multiple microphones on several channels complicate our master control board, but not beyond the ability of someone accustomed to working with music and public address systems. If you are a musician/performer or audiophile you may already possess the skills.

Being a member of our A/V team requires scheduling in advance several Sunday mornings during the church year in the A/V booth. Our PowerPoint people also devote two or three hours toward the end of each scheduled week to work from the minister’s prepared Order of Service to prepare a PowerPoint program that includes welcome slides and whatever hymns, readings, and other illustrations may be called for—many of which already exist in our permanent Dropbox files and merely need to be inserted.

Our audio tech is responsible for coming in early enough on scheduled Sundays to install microphones and run sound checks for each participant in the service, and staying long enough afterward to put away mics and return the system to “normal.”

We are willing—and eager to offer whatever training you may require. Please see Dave Curl at church or reach him at oakwoods@net-link.net or 269-375-5621.

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